Large Scale Analytic Data Management: Big Data and Data Warehousing

The Challenge

Large data volumes—now often in the hundreds of terabytes (TB) and petabytes (PB)—are increasingly common in today’s enterprise as data, user communities and workloads all grow rapidly. The architectures, platforms and business solutions for such data must perform and scale effectively to handle emerging needs.

Yet the larger the data volume, the greater the challenge—and risk—of problems with performance, scalability, data availability and cost.  Increasing data variety and velocity only compounds these challenges. 

The Solution

WinterCorp is the leading independent consulting firm specializing in the performance and scalability of today’s largest data management systems. We help enterprises optimize the value of data architectures throughout their lifecycle. We are expert with data warehouses, Hadoop-based architectures and other data management technologies. Our services apply our decades of experience, proven methods and techniques, product insight, and technical expertise to ensure that these strategic solutions perform as needed and scale on demand.

Leading enterprises rely on our advice and services to:

  • define their data management strategies and architectures
  • select their technologies and platforms - we'll help you choose the platform or combination of platforms that best satisfy your business interests and needs
  • design, conduct and evaluate their benchmarks and proofs-of-concept;
  • design their solutions;
  • and, provide expert assistance with their implementation.